Thomas More Apartments webcam Boston College
Thomas More Apartments
Located at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and St. Thomas More Road (the former site of More Hall), the Thomas More Apartments opened its doors in 2016. The 490-bed residence hall is a mix of four- and six-bedroom apartments, seminar spaces, music practice rooms, and the University Health Services Center.
Gasson Quad webcam Boston College
Gasson Quad
Located on the south face of the Gasson Hall tower, this webcam looks across Gasson Quad, with views of Fulton Hall, home to the Carroll School of Management (center), and Devlin Hall, which houses the Office of Undergraduate Admission (left).
 The Plaza in Front of O'Neill Library Webcam Boston College
 The Plaza in Front of O’Neill Library
Lying on the main path between the Lower Campus, where most upperclassmen live, and McElroy Commons, a center of student activity, the plaza in front of O’Neill Library is the crossroads of the University. This camera is mounted on the roof above the entrance to O’Neill Library, which was dedicated in 1984 with a speech by its namesake, then-Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Jr. ’36. Visible at the left, across the wide steps, is Devlin Hall. To the right is Gasson Hall, Boston College’s signature structure and the first building to be erected (1913) on what had been a 36-acre gentleman’s farm.