Live Cam Boston Skyline – Boston Harbor

Live Cam Boston Skyline – Boston Harbor

Live Cam Boston Skyline is a beautiful sight, featuring a mix of historic and modern architecture. Some of the most iconic buildings in the Boston skyline include:

  1. John Hancock Tower: This sleek skyscraper is the tallest building in Boston, standing at 790 feet tall.
  2. Prudential Tower: This building is another well-known Boston skyscraper, standing at 749 feet tall. It is easily recognizable by its distinctive shape and the letters “PRU” at the top.
  3. One Boston Place: This building is located in the heart of Boston’s Financial District and features a unique stepped design.
  4. Custom House Tower: This historic tower was built in 1915 and stands at 496 feet tall. It is now a luxury residential building.
  5. Boston City Hall: This modernist building is the seat of government for the City of Boston and is known for its unique Brutalist architecture.

These are just a few of the many buildings that make up the beautiful Boston skyline.

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